Dawn Guendert

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Data Poor to Knowledge Rich Using Asset Management

Attendees will learn and see examples of how asset management data, processes and tools can be integrated into daily activities to yield measurable improvements in proactively planning maintenance, prioritizing R&R, predicting long range funding needs and transparently communicating decisions with stakeholders.

  • Date:Thursday, April 27
  • Time:1:30 PM - 2:20 PM
  • Room:Pasadena
  • Location:Renaissance Hotel
  • Session Type:Technical Session
  • Participant Challenges:Asset Management
  • Practice Areas:Collection Systems, Operations and Maintenance
  • Other practice area:Asset Management
  • Primary Speaker:Dawn Guendert
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Learner Outcome 1:Collect the appropriate level of data.
  • Learner Outcome 2:Structure data into a rationale hierarchy for each of navigation.
  • Learner Outcome 3:Convert data into information for decision making.
  • SWRCB DW Contact Hours – Number Awarded:0.1
  • SWRCB DW Contact Hours Number Awarded:0.1
  • Sponsor:Electroscan Inc.